Morrison Sighting

Brooklyn is a long way from Serbia. Photo courtesy of Crossover Chronicles.

As initially reported by Adam Zagoria, Adam Morrison had a tryout at the Brooklyn Nets’ free agent camp earlier this week. When last we left Morrison, he had signed with Besiktas in Turkey after returning to pro basketball with the Red Star Belgrade team in Serbia. Morrison apparently left Besiktas in April, but not before adding the longest dunk highlight in history to his clip file:

In its coverage of Morrison’s tryout, Crossover Chronicles compared Morrison’s new look to that of a Whitesnake roadie. That struck me as a bit unfair; Morrison’s haircut is no match for Patrick Gonzalez’s ‘do, but the ’80′s hair band comparison is harsher treatment than Dr. Feelgood would order. (Yes, I did think that Whitesnake recorded Dr. Feelgood. I stand corrected.)

I would have gone with “slightly shaggier Dave Navarro”:

Carmen Electra's marriage to Dave Navarro was several times longer than her marriage to Dennis Rodman.

On second thought, I’m not sure whether that’s better or not.

No word yet on whether Morrison will be offered a roster spot on the NBA team owned by Jay-Z and the billionaire who ran for president of Russia.

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