The Nighttime Whatifs Strike Again!

The NBA Draft lottery is tonight – watch it at 8:00 p.m. on ESPN to set the mood for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Celtics and El Heat.

Regardless of which team “wins” the draft lottery, Anthony Davis of Kentucky is all but certain to be selected first overall, and will in fact be coming to a lottery team near you next season.

The most intriguing destination for Davis would be Washington, where he would be paired with another former Kentucky star and number-one pick, John Wall. The Wizards finished the year on a six-game winning streak, but still finished 20-46, bad enough to secure the second spot in the lottery and a 19.9% chance of winning the top spot.

Davis is most likely to land in Charlotte, which finished this season an atrocious 7-59 record. Their league-worst record qualifies the Bobcats for the best chance of winning the lottery (25.0%).

If you aren’t convinced that the lottery results will shape the future of several NBA franchises for years to come, read this Sports Illustrated column by Michael Rosenberg. Alternate history is a familiar trope in comic books and in novels, but Rosenberg may be ahead of the curve by adopting it for sports writing.

Next issue: What If Portland Had Picked Kevin Durant Instead of Greg Oden?

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