Product Placement

An earlier post mentioning Kobe Bryant’s stint as an endorser of Nutella has brought a (relative) number of viewers to this site from search engines. A follow-up post made joking mention of Nutella ads on NBA jerseys, but it now appears that advertising on jerseys may be on its way.

Following a recent meeting of the NBA Board of Governors, the league announced that small advertising patches on player jerseys could be approved for the 2013-2014 season. The NBA projects that such jersey advertising could bring $100 million in annual revenue. (That’s a lot of money for 6 1/4 square inches of ad space.)

Full frontal advertising, as in professional soccer, may be on the horizon for the NBA. Photo courtesy of Kevin Love (via Instagram).

Let me take this opportunity to renew my pledge of allegiance to the NBA franchise bold enough to wear its love for the world’s finest hazelnut spread on its sleeve; conversely, the team that sells out to this decidedly inferior choice can be sure to expect a ration of scorn from It Goes to XI. (From everyone, really, except choosy moms.)

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