Everything Old is New Again

In May, Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan announced that the team would drop the Bobcats moniker and would once again be known as the Charlotte Hornets for the 2014-15 season. More recently, the team revealed that the original Hornets color scheme would be coming back, too. Yesterday, the Bobcats unveiled the new Hornets logo. Celebrate with the team by clicking here for your chance to win this sweet jacket!

In a slightly related development that is much more exciting, Converse recently re-released the signature shoe of Larry Johnson, a.k.a “Grandmama,” whom the Hornets selected with the first overall pick of the 1991 NBA draft. (My favorite thing about the re-release is that one of the colorways in called “Black/Peacoat Blue.” If you ever come across a peacoat that matches those sneakers, please let me know about it.) Incidentally, Johnson, now retired and a devoted golfer, recently told the Charlotte Observer that the return of the Hornets name is “a great idea.”

Speaking of great ideas, what fan of Charlotte basketball hasn’t wondered what might have been if the team hadn’t traded the player it selected with the 13th pick in the 1996 draft for a veteran center who learned English, at least in part, by watching the Flintstones?

(Here is an interesting account of that ill-fated trade, if you’re curious.)

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