Christmas Stockings

In a game that was notable for dubious fashion choices, Jason Terry of the Brooklyn Nets went above and beyond in the hosiery department:

Don’t get it twisted. Photo courtesy of @SoleCollector.

The lesson here: don’t attempt this look until you’ve appeared in at least 1100 NBA games and scored more than 17,000 career points.

Terry, now in his fifteenth year in the league, places a very respectable 73rd on the NBA career scoring list with 17,355 points. It’s likely that this season will see Terry pass both Earl Monroe (72nd with 17,454) and his current coach, Jason Kidd (71st with 17,529), on the all-time list.

(Two players on the current Nets roster already have more career points than Kidd: Paul Pierce (20th with 24,298) and Kevin Garnett (15th with 25,435). The Nets also feature an additional top-100 scorer in Joe Johnson (90th with 16,357).)

Fret not, though, about any bruising to Kidd’s ego when Terry jets by him on the scoring list; the coach is pretty safe in the assists department. Kidd ranks second all-time with 12,091, while Terry is 57th with 4,969. Should he continue at his career average of 4.5 assists per game, Terry is on pace catch Kidd after another 1,595 games (more than 19 seasons’ worth).

It’s safe to say that if Terry is on an NBA roster in 2032, his choice of game socks will be the last thing on anyone’s mind (or Twitter feed).

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