From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

The fine folks at the NBA have put together their Top Ten Plays of 2013 for your enjoyment:

Had Ray Allen’s shot not come in at number one, rioting would not have been an inappropriate response.

There was not much textbook about Monta Ellis’s shot at number eight, but it’s a pretty good working definition of shooter’s roll.

At the other end of the spectrum, savor the bloopers of the year that was:

Somehwat confusing that DeAndre Jordan’s posterization of Brandon Knight can be ranked as the second best play of the year and also have a spot in the blooper roll, but I can’t complain about watching it an extra time. (Surely Knight can be excused for the sweet shot of schadenfreude he must have experienced when he saw Jordan’s other appearance in the bloopers (find it at 0:50)).

I had an unpleasant sensation of déjà vu when I saw Nick Young’s failed reverse (0:30). Fortunately, lowlights from the 2000 Haverford – Western Maryland game have not made it to YouTube, and I’m sure mine was waaaaay uglier than Swaggy P’s.

And while 2014 is still young, Cody Zeller has probably locked down a place in this year’s blooper package with his missed dunk in the Bobcats’ New Year’s Day loss to the Clippers:

It can be a cold world, Big Handsome. (Tip of the cap to Andy Gray).

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