The Kings and Their Castle

Contributing Editor Gordon Jones reacts to the news that the Kings will not relocate but will remain in Sacramento, their current home.

Congrats to Kevin Johnson, former Suns point guard and current mayor of Sacramento, the Maloof brothers, and most importantly, the NBA fans of Sacramento.  The Kings are going to stay.

With a tentative deal for a new arena in place, there will be professional basketball in Sacramento for the foreseeable future.  It’s too bad that Seattle, one of the cities trying to lure the Kings away, didn’t have the same luck trying to keep its franchise at home.  Instead, the city had its heart ripped out by greedy owners, and now watches in frustration as its beloved Sonics compete for an NBA championship for Oklahoma City.

Happily, the Kings did not move to Anaheim, the other competing destination for the Kings franchise.  There, in a land that worships celebrity and success, the Kings would have become a distant third fiddle behind the Lakers and Clippers.

Sacramento fans will soon be able to root on the Kings in a new arena. Photo courtesy of the Kobe Beef blog.

Now that the Kings are staying in Sacramento, they can work toward rewarding their incredibly loyal and passionate fan base by returning to the team to the type of success it experienced in the early 2000′s.  The Kings are currently 11-22 and have some exciting young players, DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans in particular, but they are missing consistency and veteran leadership.

Sure, Cousins and Evans are nice, but don’t Fredette the Jimmer!

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