Toast of Texas (With a Side of Ginger)

The San Antonio Spurs finished the regular season 50-16 and entered the playoffs as the number one seed in the Western Conference. In the second season, the Spurs have been nothing short of dominant, sweeping the Utah Jazz in the first round and taking the first two from the L.A. Clippers in the conference semifinals. The Spurs’ average margin of victory in the playoffs is just over 16 points per game; their closest match-up so far has been Game 4 against the Jazz, which the Spurs won 87-81. The team has won its four home playoff games by an astounding average of 19.75.

Even though the Spurs are advancing toward their fifth NBA title since 1999, San Antonio’s playoff dominance has been largely ignored in favor of more sensational stories such as Metta World Peace’s return from suspension and the impending doom of LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

The biggest Spurs story in the national media this year may be this one:

12-year-old Texan Patrick Gonzalez was suspended from middle school for one day after his tonsorial tribute to Matt Bonner was ruled to be a distraction for other students. In the family photo above, Bonner looks like more apt to turn water into wine than pull up for three. Nonetheless, Gonzalez is giving Kevin Jones a run for his money for the It Goes to XI Haircut of the Year trophy.

According to the AP, Gonzalez shaved his head and returned to school, but there is a happy ending to the story: the Spurs gave the Gonzalez family playoff tickets, and Bonner sent his number one fan the following message: “Keep supporting us redheads in the NBA.”

Good to know that Bonner and Brian Scalabrine can count on Patrick Gonzalez.

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